In 1950, the Lithuanian American Roman Catholic Federation (ARKLF) first discussed the idea of a summer campground for Lithuanian youth.  In 1954, Dr. Adolfas Damušis was elected president of the Federation, and they began to raise funds in earnest to turn this idea into reality.  In 1955, the proposed sale of a 226-acre farm near Manchester, Michigan came to the attention of Lithuanians living in the Detroit area.  Through the dedication and generosity of many individuals, that farm was purchased in 1957 and Camp Dainava, as we know it, was born.

Dr. Adolfas and Mrs. Jadvyga Damušis

Since that time, each summer has seen campers and supporters of all ages enjoying the beauty of Camp Dainava, learning about their rich Lithuanian culture, and creating lifelong friendships.  These precious memories of time spent at Dainava are being passed from one generation to subsequent generations.

We are delighted that you have found our site! Here you can find information about the calendar of the camps held each summer and how to register to attend these camps. You can also find information about using the facilities if you are a not for profit with a similar mission. In addition, the site provides details on how to contribute to Camp Dainava; our camp depends on these contributions and the support of  generous people like you.

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