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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

In 2017, we embarked upon a capital campaign to raise funds to improve Dainava's infrastructure and ensure its future for generations to come. When starting this journey, we prayed and hoped that people would find it in their hearts to contribute and allow Dainava to continue its mission to foster an environment for educational and recreational opportunities in the context of Catholic values and Lithuanian heritage. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have raised $767,658 as of the end of 2020! Our gratitude is immeasurable. We humbly share our prayers of thanksgiving to all who have contributed.

Completed Infrastructure Improvements

White House:

  • New addition with new bathrooms

  • New ridge vents to improve ventilation


  • New girl’s barracks bathrooms

  • New boy’s barracks bathrooms

  • New ceilings and LED lights

  • New LVT floors

  • New ridge vents to improve ventilation

Dining Hall:

  • New Polyurea floors

  • New LED lights – 2020

Near-Term Infrastructure Improvements (timing TBD):

  • Dining Hall: new pavilion

  • Sports Court: new surface

2020 Camping season

Unfortunately, you are all aware of the temporary closure of Camp Dainava in 2020 due to Covid-19. Our hearts were broken by this decision, but the safety of our campers is always our top priority. We chose to use this time in the best possible way by continuing to improve Dainava. Some of those improvements are mentioned above, while other tasks are listed below:

  • Painted the interior of the boy’s barracks

  • Washed and degreased all walls in both kitchens

  • Painted the main dining hall and kitchen

  • Built new fishing dock located near fire pit area

  • Installed new exterior doors on girl’s and boy’s barracks

  • Raised all electrical outlets in White House to be above bed frame rather than level with bed

  • Completed various improvements in White House kitchen:

    • Additional LED light over workspace

    • New plumbing

    • New legs on sink

    • Additional electrical outlets

    • New section of counter

    • New shelving unit above sink

  • Fixed clothesline outside of White House

  • Built new lifeguard chair

  • Installed new aluminum, reflective Dainava sign on Austin road

  • Replaced double doors on Dining Hall leading to flag area

  • Replaced side entry storm door on Main Kitchen

  • Replaced plexiglass at barracks entry doors

  • Repaired and painted benches outside of White House

The task list was long, but we accomplished what we set out to do. We are eternally grateful for all who assisted in completing these projects.

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