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In 1950, the Lithuanian American Roman Catholic Federation (ARKLF) first discussed the idea of a summer campground for Lithuanian youth. In 1954, Dr. Adolfas Damušis was elected president of the Federation, and they began to raise funds in earnest to turn this idea into reality. In 1955, the proposed sale of a 226-acre farm near Manchester, Michigan came to the attention of Lithuanians living in the Detroit area. Through the dedication and generosity of many individuals, that farm was purchased in 1957 and Camp Dainava, as we know it, was born..... [Read More]

Heritage 2013
August 13th, 2013BlogCamp Dainava 0 Comments

Traveling from Seattle, after a three hour red-eye (so about three hours of sleep) and an hour and a half car ride, I always get a rush of energy and excitement whenever I see the big blue Dainava sign and I begin the final drive down the road that leads into stovykla. I started going to […]

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